Friday, January 13, 2006

Don't Press the Red Button

So there's no protesting allowed within the Capitol Building. Ok. So there's a press confrense inside the Capitol Building. Ok. So the press confrense is being held by a coalition of progressive orgainizations working together to block the confirmation of Alito. Technically ok. So there's a about a hundred members of these organizations coming into the Capitol to attend the press confrense. Technically ok. So there's security making them remove thier anti-Alito pariphanalia on the way in. Not exactly ok. So they put the red stickers and buttons back on once inside the confines of the press room. Should be ok. So some more security guards come in and start making people remove things and even confiscating stickers. Not ok. Why? It's not a protest, its an issue up for a vote! Besides, it's futile, there's a giant sign on the podium that says 'Stop Alito', the message that's the whole point of the press confrence. I wonder if they let people wear campaign stickers in there, or if they're really just that uptight and bored today. They have the technology so the visotor-pass stickers they give you on the way in turn blue when you go out in the daylight (which is really disconcerting at first), shouldn't they have the technology-some kind of sophisticated political instrument-to distinguish between a protest and a press confrence? What's the worst thing that could happen if I wear a red button?



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