Thursday, January 12, 2006

Here's where life gets weird, folks...

So, I had almost completed a rather long post entitled, "I'm sure this post will get me lots of flack from the ED crowd...", when, accidently, I highlighted the entire post, deleted it, and couldn't get it back. I think this is fate telling me this post would've seriously pissed you people off.

I'll save myself the trouble of dealing the wrath that would've ensued had I posted what I've been musing about since I weighed myself this morning. I'll just say this. I've lost about a pound a day for the past three days, which means I'm seriously dehydrated. I'm also not eating enough. I blame it on AG: I read an article in Allure this morning that said that people lose weight when they're in love because it sets off some chemical in the brain that makes you not hungry. So, in order to keep myself healthy, I'm going to force myself to consume a reasonable amount of calories (I only ate about 800 yesterday (adderall and low-carb diet=bad combination)), and I'm going to drink a shit-ton of water today. However, I'm not going to lie, I'm a little excited. If I lose five more pounds, I will have reached that elusive goal-weight that I've been struggling to get to for about a year now. So, I'm going to continue on the diet (albeit much more carefully) and see what happens. I hope you guys will support me and not make me feel like I'm doing something unhealthy, because this is important to me, as shallow as it sounds.



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