Friday, January 06, 2006

Match Point:

What a fucking awesome movie. It walks the line between campiness and actual goodness, while still being completely undecided about it's own seriousness. But considering it's Woody Allen, I think it was supposed to be serious, as opposed to satire. Which is crazy. I'm not sure if this movie is good (it had moments of utter ridiculousness), but it was definitely fun. I loved it.

Today was an interesting day, to say the least. I shant comment on specific interestingness of it, but yeah. It was fucking hot in my office and I had crazy e-mail drama on my mind and was tired from my week of staying up until 3am every morning. And then I very serendipidously ran into Lyssa in the subway and miraculously everything was ok. Strange how life works like that.

Next Monday I audition for the Young New Yorkers Choir. It is a fairly mediocre choir, but they are doing one of my favorite pieces of all time, the Durufle Requiem, which makes me reminiscent of my early days at CSW when I was inspired by Lee (last name unknown) one of the best music teachers to ever exist. Under her tutelage I got to sing both the Durufle Requiem and the Mozart Requiem, two of the more transcendent pieces of choir music ever written. Anyway, I have ulteriour motives. One, I might be able to get a solo in a mediocre choir, and two, it might be a good way to meet guys. Yes, I'm pathetic. But these are my three priorities at the moment: career, singing, men.



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